Founded in 2015, Rabo Tejarate Aria’ee Company has grown to manufacture and market chemical fertilisers and other agricultural inputs in the retail, commercial and export sector. We invest in manufacturing and providing the highest quality products, cost effective services and solutions to our customers.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best and widest range of products, backed with the best service. Our team members, who are the heart and soul of our business, pursue customers’ satisfaction considering their needs at all times as we believe that what you put in determines what you get out.

The topsoil that grows our food is getting depleted over the years so there is an urgent need for soil nutrients management by farmers whom must be educated, protected and supported. On the other hand, farming needs to be more profitable and more sustainable so we are committed to increasing profitability for farmers and to improving health and resilience for soil, plants, livestock, people and the planet by advanced utilization of fertilizers. Our vision is a truly holistic strategy with a focus on optimum use of inputs, where the endgame involves increasing profitability and sustainability.